"Cybernetica" is a performance piece conceived at the intersection of a pop concert and a PowerPoint presentation. JJ Weihl (the artist aka Discovery Zone) hires a private investigator to collect all of her data. In the performance that results from this data collection, we follow one character on a journey to discover her identity through the mirror of her online existence. Memories, words and images get explored through data visualisations, Natural Language processing, and GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks) to try to puzzle together what it means to be a human in this paradoxical era of digital dominance. Utilizing a special 3D projection screen, Discovery Zone takes the audience on an intimate trip through her own memories, dreams and writing, woven together with advertisements, fragments of pop culture and a collage of her musical catalog, forming a piece that plays with the materiality of identity through the lens of exponential technological developments in the context of hyper-capitalism. Taking inspiration from multi-disciplinary artists like Laurie Anderson, the performance incorporates video, live music and experiments with sound and light that play with the relationships between the profound and the profane in entertainment, philosophy, internet culture and theatrics.Credits: JJ Weihl (concept, music, lyrics & performance) Dave Biddle (voice of OTO, co-writer & saxophone), Damien Granier (3D content), Etienne Arras (music / mixing), The Quiets (data research and visualization), Sam Potter & James Barry (We Dream Unlimited), James Barry (graphic design), Amande Dagod (management) Commissioned by Pop-Kutur Festival Berlin.



We Dream

We Dream Presents: The Infinite Dream Scroll. The realm of the unconscious mind has long been a source of mystery and inspiration. Many have understood the interpretive possibility of dreams as avenues for self-exploration. Now, for the first time in technological history, we can see what the world is dreaming. The Infinite Dream Scroll is a communal dreaming simulator born out of the actual dreams of real people. It is an exciting opportunity to look into the unconscious forces that move us individually and collectively. We Dream’s cutting edge algorithmic technology meticulously picks up on moods, themes and patterns that illuminate our dreams. Then, much like the dreaming mind, it takes this subconscious information and reassembles it in new forms. THE INFINITE DREAM SCROLL was originally projected outside of Monarch at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin as part of the Fenster Zur Welt Series in May 2021 Curated by JJ Weihl and Sam Potter

Hello and welcome to We Dream the world's first communal dream simulator. What you are experiencing is a collection of communal generated dreams brought to you by the cutting edge technology of We Dream. Thank you to everyone for sharing your dreams. We couldn't have done this without you. Together, We Dream